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As a copywriter for creative entrepreneurs and service providers, I love sharing the on-brand stories of your business origins, challenges, discoveries, and successes while highlighting your signature offers.

Read along to discover what have become the niche storytelling areas of Copywriting by Kat.

At the end of the day, your brand is a culmination of the stories you tell and the experiences you offer. Let's come up with the marketing strategy that fits your vision, goals, and story.

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Storytelling Marketing

Creative Courses

You’re a creative entrepreneur with talent and knowledge to sell, a gift for performing or teaching. You’ve developed a course that you can’t wait to share with others, an event to broadcast to your followers. But you need help promoting your passion through a snappy sales page, creating ads for social media, and marketing your email list. Let me showcase you and your unique offering so you can focus on your craft.

Health & Wellness

The natural and holistic health market is expanding faster than ever. Organic diet, nutrition and supplements, exercise and mindfulness, tools for building healthy life habits. As a wellness leader, you need a competitive edge to be a visible authority in health. I’ll help you be at the front of your field with the needed reader-friendly research blogs and website content to deliver your products and messages of health to your clients.

Family & Parenting

Entrepreneurs with services for growing, working, living families - you have exactly what parents need. If only you had the magic words to drive traffic to your site! You can lean on my experience as a parent who has navigated the tips and tricks, gimmicks and sanity savers, ups and downs of the parenting world. I’ll add value to your website by clarifying your brand voice, writing service descriptions, and providing real-life parenting experiences for your blog.

Grants & Fundraising

Your commitment is there. As a nonprofit leader, you just need extra support to further the cause. I’m here to knock out the tasks that take time - which is so scarce when you’re pouring all you’ve got into the mission. Bring more dollars to your organization by counting on my effective sales writing strategies for grants, email campaigns, and annual appeals. Find more time for your mission without worrying about the written details.

Food & Beverage

You’re a small business owner in a dizzyingly competitive, fast-paced industry. You have perfect recipes to share with your followers, a new concept restaurant to launch, a sure-bet craft beer to put on the scene. But you're behind the scenes all day and need help getting the word out. Count on me. I’ll design the marketing funnel and social media strategy that give your place the spotlight it deserves.

Old Home DIY & Design

You’re on a journey to revitalize an old house with vintage charm. House becomes home as you polish up the hardware, scrape-sand-repeat to uncover original character, and find functional yet classic solutions for modern living. Whether you want to document the work on your blog, set up a website for restoration services, or craft a preservation-minded real estate listing - I’m here to support you and the old home community in saving and sharing irreplaceable history.

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