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Capture Google-Friendly Words That Speak To Your Audience

Website Copywriting & SEO Intensive

Do more of what you love by giving your website the power to speak for you and sell more of your fantastic offer online.

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Comprehensive Website Writing

Showit Website Copywriting & SEO

Your website should be a leading step toward your business goals, not the one holding you back. Wouldn't it be great if it worked like another member of your team?

What if your website had a clear voice that sounded like you and had the power to sell for you? Think about all the leads that would be coming through your contact page. And how much more of an impact you could make!

You need the right strategy to make it happen. At Copywriting by Kat, the Website Intensive combines keyword research with on-page SEO, connection-based copy, and brand strategy to make your message stand out and sell to the right people.

Just think about It

What if your
website could...

Position your message with expert words and authoritative content

Show your unique approach as the solution to your customer's problem

Sell your service by being clear and true with your message

Run in the background with SEO as a vibrant representation of your work

I bet you would...

Gain confidence in your expertise through the knowledge you share.

Bring in more leads who know your service is exactly the right one for them.

Be proud of your work because you know it sells itself simply and honestly.

Find more time for the work you love and the connections you crave.

Ready for your website to work for you?

Hey, Small Business Owner!

I'm your new business colleague SEO website copywriter.

My friends call me Kat and so can you. A little about me - I’m passionate about community, big-picture messaging, and the psychology behind persuasive writing.

On the technical end, I’m a website copywriter certified in SEO strategy and fluent in Showit and Squarespace. I aim to make your words work happily with Google and bring organic leads to your page. Your message needs to be communicated and found!

I’m here to listen to your goals and offer suggestions. Because I see and hear your vision as clearly as you do and my goal is to serve your community along with you.

WEbsite copy & SEO

Included With Your Website Intensive

90-Min Strategy Call

A recorded video call to fully explore your business and services, clarify your message, and establish your brand tone.

Market Research

I research you, your competitors, similar businesses, and speak with your customers to uncover the best messaging for your offer.

Copy For 3-4 Web Pages

Designed with brand strategy, connection-based conversion writing, and your desired SEO keywords to increase organic traffic.

Complete Copy Doc

A pull-and-plug doc that shows you where to place the words on your pages. It also gives you insight into my process.

SEO Blueprint

Researched, targeted keywords set up for strategic placement in meta descriptions, title tags, headings, and alt tags. Plug and go! 

Photo Pairing

Sourcing of stock photos to pair with your words. These can be free or paid images with your approval. SEO titles and descriptions.

Designer Collaboration

I'll work side-by-side with your Showit designer or mine to make sure the copy and design work seamlessly together.

Closing Call

I'll take you step-by-step through my copywriting process so you understand the copy decisions and how to implement them.

2 Rounds of Revisions

To make sure you're 100% satisfied with the work and feel confident that it will represent your services for years to come.

Let's Break It Down

Website Copywriting  & SEO Packages

Delivery in ~1 Month

Simple Website

To set you up for success. Perfect if you're just starting out and need your website written quickly, in a flexible framework for growth.

3 full pages of SEO-friendly, connection-conversion copy.

Complete wireframe copy doc and SEO blueprint for your desired keywords.

Pairing of stock photos for a cohesive look. SEO titles and descriptions included.

Review of client testimonials for the most impactful highlights.

Check out add-ons for more options!

Simple is Best

Delivery in ~2 Months

Full Website

A comprehensive, SEO word-rich package recommended for businesses with a basic brand identity and set service offerings.

4 full pages of SEO-friendly, connection-conversion copy.

Complete wireframe copy doc and SEO blueprint for your desired keywords.

Pairing of stock photos for a cohesive look. SEO titles and descriptions included.

2 customer interviews for feedback to gain trust with new followers.

Check out add-ons for more options!

This Is For Me

Delivery in 3-4 Months

Brand Website

Excellent for crafting your brand voice and creating an overarching plan for your offerings and website. Brand photos recommended to authentically showcase your business.

Complete Brand Messaging Guide to inform tone, voice, offers, and styling.

4 full pages of SEO-friendly, connection-conversion copy.

Complete wireframe copy doc and SEO blueprint for your desired keywords.

Pairing of stock photos for a cohesive look. SEO titles and descriptions included.

2 customer interviews for feedback to gain trust with new followers.

Check out add-ons for more options!

I'm Going All In!

Customizable Add Ons

Additional Pages

A possible a splash page, signature service highlight, sales page, resources portal, portfolio, FAQ, etc.

Client Testimonials

Interviews with your real customers to capture results-focused, rave reviews of your service.

SEO Blog Posts

To showcase your knowledge and grow your authority with your audience and Google.

Subscriber Email Series

To welcome and nurture new subscribers to your email list via a 7-part series in your brand voice.

Design & Implementation

Going beyond the words on the page to customize the template and back-end SEO in Showit or Squarespace.

Brand Messaging Guide

A 30+ page business identity and positioning plan to enhance your web copy and messaging on other platforms. Already included with the Brand Website package.

Customize My Quote

Get 10% Off Your Website Intensive

I truly want to see you get the best results with your website. SEO website copywriting services and brand messaging just belong together. Why not nail down your voice before putting fresh copy to the page?

When you book a Brand Message Intensive with a Simple or Full website package, I'll honor a 10% discount on both services.

The Brand Messaging Guide Includes:

Brand Mission, Vision, Big Ideas
Core Values
Brand Story
Tone, Voice, and Tagline
Unique Selling Point
Ideal Customer Understanding
Customer Promise
Competitive Analysis
Signature Offer Breakdown
Marketing Content Pillars
Just to start!

More Questions?

What if I need something else for my website?

Maybe you just need a copy refresh or an additional page added to your site. If you need more or less than what's offered here, I'll give you a custom quote.

Should I invest in web design or copy and content first?

Your written message is the hardest-working seller of your service. Great design will enhance the presentation of your offer. But the words definitely need to be there first.

How do you get reviews from my customers?

You'll connect me with your favorite customers and I'll communicate with them via call, email, or survey to capture glowing, results-oriented testimonials.

Can you set up my website with Wordpress or Wix?

Showit and Squarespace are definitely my preferred platforms. Setup in WordPress or Wix may require additional time and cost for me to serve you well. I'm open to the conversation if it's what you need.

What's not included when you set up the design and SEO in my platform?

My service doesn't include purchasing domains, hosting, third-party integrations, or long-term maintenance. I can help with basic questions during the first 30 days.

Do you offer payment plans for your SEO website copywriting services?

Absolutely! Just ask. A 50% deposit is needed to hold the planning time on my calendar. The remaining 50% can be structured in 2-3 payments as needed.

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